Got up at five am which apparently was late because I was the last one to leave camp. Today was cooler, which was nice and made it possible to move faster. It is sometimes easy to lose track of the altitude because of the constant gains and losses, so at some time I checked it and quite unexpectedly saw I was at 8500 feet = 2600m. That would also make foe part of the explanation for the lower temperatures. The temperature drops approximately 6.5 degrees celsius per kilometer of altitude gain (In technical terms this is called “lapse”. I don’t have the energy to translate that to imperial units, sorry). At one point we passed a property with caged animals in the middle of nowhere housing bears and potentially other animals. Supposedly there were also lions and other animals with the place being a housing complex for TV/movie animals. Later I passed by a corduroy couch next to the trail and by its side a box containing sodas. More trail magic. Yay. Must have taken some effort to carry it all up there.

Once again I chose to call it a relatively short day after 21 miles due to uncertainty of how long there would be to the next proper camping site. Also, my right knee was feeling slightly tired, but it’s probably nothing. At that point in time the wind had really picked up with very strong gusts, making me slightly worried about if my tent would hold up. Luckily the wind eventually died down. Got surprisingly cold due to wind. Warmed up in sleeping bag with down jacket on. It is surprisingly easy to take things like having a normal sleep and not having to potentially get out in the cold by night to take a leak or a dump.



Caged bear

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Snorri the icelandic viking · May 22, 2018 at 2:45 pm

Dear Mads. Keep marching forward. I hope you knee will feel better soon 🙂

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