Day 31

Woke up late as I wanted to wait for the breakfast at Casa de Luna, which was pancakes and was great. The hostess was actually the cousin of Elvis and had a large cardboard figure in her living room. After breakfast we posed for group photos and just before the photo was taken the hostess mooned us. That surely caught me by surprise and I think I resultantly must have had a weird grimace in that photo. After photos we were driven back to the trail by a local guy in his pickup truck.

Back on trail it was overcast and not too hot which is nearly ideal hiking weather. Got some quick miles done and then went off trail to Lake Hughes as I, due to suboptimal planning had to go to the post office there. It was four miles in either direction Also, the lake in Lake Hughes seemed to have dried out. Got a new pair of shoes and sent some things I didn’t need back to Denmark. That really took some time but at least the woman at the post office was pleasant and helpful. Feeling a bit down on using so much time and energy on this I went to the Rock Inn restaurant nearby and had an IPA and a philly cheese stake sandwich, which was just what the doctor ordered. Well now, thinking of it, as I am a doctor, whenever I get exactly what I order, it is just what the doctor ordered. He he. It was a biker restaurant, so I was the only one not in leather suites. Anyway, it was nice. When I got out I wanted to go to the convenience store in the town listed at Google Maps and my PCT guide book, but unfortunately it was either closed or undergoing major renovation. Bummer. Now I had to make my food stretch for two days. I should have gone back to the restaurant and eaten some more even though I wasn’t hungry but instead I went back to the trail eager to get the remaining of the 28 miles done. Shortly before eight I got to “Sawmill Camp”, where the rest of the guys had already set up camp. There had previously been problems with a bear there, but we took our precautions by hiding our food in the back of bear safe garbage containers, where there conveniently was room for it, though it certainly wasn’t the intention. Went to bed but awoke around one am because of some commotion, and I am pretty sure I also smelled a muscoid smell. I was unsure if it was another hiker but shortly after I saw the silhouette of a bear approximately a meter from my tent. It was approximately 1.3 meters high and not a grizzly as they aren’t indigenous to this region. I therefore shouted “bear” to alert the other hikers of the situation at hand and to scare it away. It then immediately ran off. It was however, not the whole story as I found out the next day. There’s a little cliffhanger for you there.


Pick up truck


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Dimitri · June 4, 2018 at 8:50 pm

Woah, first bear encounter 😮 Can’t wait for the cliffhanger!

Mocca Neller · June 5, 2018 at 11:41 am

we’re eagerly awaiting the cliffhanger like Erik’s next move in a Bohnanza game!

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