Day 32

Well, I had not gotten a good nights sleep in part because of the bear and in part because it was cold and that the wind twice had pulled up an important tent stake of my tent. Further, there was a thick mist and a slight drizzle. In combination with the thought of the bear still being around meant that I was in no mood for getting up early, but when I finally got up more beans were spilled about yesterday as follows.

It was first in the morning that what really happened yesterday night at 1 am and what all the commotion was about. Apparently the bear had dragged another hikers bag out under the vestibule of his tent and looked in the top for some soft drink concentrate. He had only been briefly awoken and hadn’t realized what had happened. The other hiker awoke when he saw someone pulling his bag out of the vestibule and not realizing it was a bear he just pulled it back and the bear got slightly frightened and backed off but not before scratching up the bag. He had also forgotten some food items in his backpack That was apparently the commotion I heard before the bear came by my tent and I should and it skedazzled away. That was quite an unexpected and kind of cool story and lifted the mood.

Back to hiking life, I had cold ramen for breakfast due to the previously mentioned resupply mishap. I then got the warmth quickly despite the mist/drizzle and took of some clothes, but then strong gusts of wind start and temperatures fell. I convinced myself that it wasn’t worth stopping to take on more clothes because it would mean I would have to stop and get cold while changing. It would get warm and dry as soon as we descended a bit. Bad decision. Further, my feet were wet, one ankle was acting up again, and I was short on food. I was cold and miserable the first ten miles. When I finally got down near the desert floor things did get a lot nicer, and I had my last food (two tortillas, some tuna, and a pack of ramen eaten as is). Walked the last eight miles looking over the barren desert awaiting tomorrow and then got to the destination of today’s shortish hike: “Hiker Town”. A series of small cabins and houses made to look like a town from an old western town. For the visitors there was a minivan that simply always had a key in the ignition so that groups of people could drive to a nearby gas station slash convenience store slash restaurant. I went there with the aforementioned Danish guy and his hiking partner where we each had a burger and I did resupply for the next two days. The former was nice, while the latter was pretty expensive. Somewhat stupidly, I didn’t reserve a cabin before this so when I asked the owner called Bob he went around the small huts and checked if there was room (he didn’t have it organized in a book or something like that) but there apparently wasn’t. Then I asked if he really didn’t have anything and then he thought about for a while and then opened his shed and put a mattress and pillow in there which just about fitted. Yay! Thanks Bob. That meant I was out of the wind which was quite intense. Might not be big, might not have a handle on the inside of the door, and it might not have lights but it sure made for a nice sleep and was only 10 usd. The Hiker Town was kind of weird, somewhat disorganized and with bad plumbing/electricity but was still a very nice place to stay.


Foggy weather

500 nondescript imperial units of measurement

Jumbled nature

Hiker Town

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Susanne · June 6, 2018 at 2:45 pm

Lucky you didn’t have the visit of the bear. 500 miles 👍

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