Day 33

Got up extra early today as Most of today’s hike was at the desert floor and therefore bound to be hot. At four am I was on the trail and soon got to the first variation of the LA aqueduct system which was an open aqueduct, which the trail followed, it then underwent metamorphosis to a large round rusty metal pipe and several miles later into a rectangular square concrete structure before leaving us behind and being replaced by a wind farm. Thus not so much in terms of untouched nature, but there were other pluses of the day. It was interesting enough with a change in scenery. Further, it wasn’t nearly as warm as it usually would have been and further there. Additionally there was trail magic twice! First there suddenly were a lot of coolers in the middle of nowhere and a sign stating it was courtesy of the “dirt bike riders”. I had a small chicken sandwich, boiled eggs, and a mango ice tea. Everything perfectly cold and fresh. Awesome! There were lots of dirt bike riders out in the area today, perhaps because it was Memorial Day weekend. Two of them stopped and asked if I had seen the sandwiches. I thanked them many times. At the next place with trail magic I had a soda and a nice place in the shade to eat a second lunch. The rest of the 24 mile day was uneventful but had me looking forward to getting back to town tomorrow. Me and some other hikers slept next to a small creeklet and were given loud night serenades by a couple of frogs. At the same time a nice thing to experience and also kind of annoying. The camp was nicely out of the wind and I had a great sleep.

Second incarnation of the aqueduct system

Random concrete hut

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