Day 38

Had a bit of a difficult sleep due to the intense wind despite camping in what I thought was a fairly shielded camping spot, but at least it wasn’t cold. Having already done a lot of miles for this stretch yesterday I was in no hurry as I only had to do 59 miles in three days so I took longer breaks at the water sources. Water sources here in the desert section are to hikers like water ponds for savanna animals in the way that it makes us flock together. Unexpectedly there was trail magic despite the remoteness, and was as always nice. I decided to call it a day slightly after that. Next to the trail there were a few somewhat exposed camping sites, so instead I wandered around in what seemed like a maze of threes with scattered open areas. I would have been scared about getting lost had I not had both my phone with gps and my compass. I found a nice spot, which didn’t seem to have been used for a while if at all. It was quite a bit away from the trail and I was utterly alone and in silence. As I have hinted at before camping in this way eludes a very unique feeling in me. While camping in groups certainly puts me a bit more at ease, the to me the hard to describe experience of camping alone and remotely also has its merits. I am starting to look forward to getting to the Sierras, which will mark a beginning of a completely new chapter. That will only be four more days of hiking.

Three miles before I camped today was Landers Camp Spring, which is the only reliable water source for the next 42 miles of trail. As stated before this is a pretty dry stretch! With 4 miles per liter an one additional liter each time that you camp and at least one further liter of water because of the exertion of all carrying all that water this would equate 13.5 liters of water that one would need to carry from there in my case. That is really a lot of extra weight. Further, I only have capacity to carry 6.5 liters. There are water caches in between but they could be empty. That doesn’t add up that favorably does it? What I did was planning to get up early these two next days to avoid some of the heat and have off trail water sources that you would have to do some walking to get to in case the caches were dry.


Reddish-brown grass

600 miles

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