Day 40

The weather forecast predicted even higher temperatures for today so it probably wouldn’t surprise readers of the blog that I was up early today as well. Woke up at 2:30 am an slowly start packing and was walking by 4 am. All the aches of yesterday had magically disappeared an I was feeling well. For the first part, however, I was so tired from not getting enough sleep the last couple of days that I took small ten seconds breaks where I stopped walking and closed my eyes briefly. A couple of hours in I was fully awake and the scenery was, unexpectedly very nice in the early morning light. Numerous colorful flowers and bushes. It was gearing up to be a very warm day, but before I knew of it I had walked the 14 miles to Walker Pass, where I wanted to hitch to town. This was described as a potentially very difficult hitch with quite ~35 miles to town. I felt well prepared, however, as I had read “The Hitcthikers Guide to the Galaxy” (and the earth is part of the Galaxy), I had a towel (albeit a very small one), and my last hitch had gone well. Just kidding. I had no idea how this would turn out, and as a last resort there was a bus tomorrow (it only came by three days a week). Luckily after approximately ten minutes a couple came by where the husband was getting back to the trail after having had a longer break. He was quick to offer that his wife drove me to Ridgecrest. Yay! Thank you so much, Jessica! Got to a hotel, got chores done, and relaxed. Outside the temperatures had topped at 40 Celsius (104 Fahrenheit). The town was very spread out, but had a lot of shops and restaurants. All she shops had very dark windows to keep the heat out. I had dinner at a Chinese all you can eat restaurant. It was decent but nothing special. I wasn’t overly hungry, though, perhaps because I for once had carried enough food.


Trees in the golden hour

Flowers and bushes

Chinese restaurant

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