Day 41

As mentioned before you can only get to the trail three times a week by bus here from Ridgecrest, so instead of having to take two zeros and wait until Wednesday to get back to the trail I did what in hiking terminology would be called a “nero”, which is a day where you do nearly zero miles. So I checked out as late as possible from my hotel, wen to do a resupply, hang out at Burger King etc. until I took the bus at 7 pm and camped shortly after I got back to the trail.

Ober the last couple of days I have slowly been transitioning to a new pair of shoes. Unfortunately the ones I have used so far, the New Balance Leadville went out of production just this year, so I got some that were as close as possible to those. The Leadvilles are very much worn out by now as you can see on the pictures. They had approximately 300 miles in them before I started the PCT.

As for the last ressuply that I photographed, i ate almost all of it. That equals 5265 kcals/day or 2.5 times what’s recommended for my age and weight.

New and old shoes


That is apparently a public park in Ridgecrest

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