Day 59

I’ll be frank with you: nothing epic happened today here in the somewhat touristy and mostly calm Lee Vining. So bear that in mind should you continue reading. Speaking of bearing or rather bears, I also apologize for staying here and not camping in Tuolumne, which apparently is kind of the epicenter of bear activity. That could potentially have led to more interesting posts than this one.

When I woke up I was glad to notice that the pain/stiffness that I had had in my right knee since the slip was nearly gone. I had eight cinnamon rolls, coffee, and some bananas for breakfast. I subsequently promised myself to eat healthier while in town from here on out.

As the first thing of the day, I went to Lee Vining’s RV park to do laundry and while waiting trying to upload some posts to this blog, but the cellular service wasn’t good. I went on a short walk to get to Nelli’s Deli where I had Fish Tacos for dinner and bought some of my resupply there (it was also partly a convenience store). Using their wifi I finished uploading of some blog posts and ordered new shoes, socks, and a faster USB charger. Going back to Lee Vining I did the rest of the resupply at its mini mart. The selection and prices certainly aren’t as good as the big cities, but there is certainly also hassle associated with sending yourself food via general delivery to the post office.

Packing up my stuff, I felt slightly uncomfortable about the thought of getting back to the trail, which I hadn’t previously. Firstly I was second guessing my plan about carrying 6-7 days of food to get me all the way to South Lake Tahoe. Secondly, going back to trail certainly means waving goodbye to a lot of the amenities of modern living. On the other hand, there certainly also are major experiences that you wouldn’t get any other way.

I had dinner at “Nicely’s”, the same diner as yesterday. I had a combination dinner with sirloin and shrimps. I found that combination odd, but who am I to judge myself for ordering that. He he. Had an “Epic IPA”, which was good but not epic, so the first paragraph of this blog post is still true. Blueberry pie with ice cream and coffee was the desert. Got back to my hotel and that was it for Lee Vining for now.

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