Day 64

Like yesterday it only got up after it was bright enough to not need a headlamp. After breakfast I had my daily dose of deer startling me. First I thought that I saw an animal run behind a fallen tree. I didn’t think much of it. Sometime later two deer suddenly jumped into the camp site and ran across it.

After a couple of miles I reached an asphalt road where I had a meager hope that there would be trail magic even if it was early in the morning. I was lucky! A middle aged man called “Chipmunk” had set up a really nice place with chairs and offering warm and cold breakfast.

I also saw a chipmunk nearby. That chipmunk doesn’t play any role in this narrative nor was it special to see a chipmunk. I am just mentioning it here to justify the title of this post as I, somewhat sillily, found it kind of cool.

Anyways, back to the trail magic, that really made me happy. It was really nice to sit down for a small chat. The trail angel, Chipmunk, had been doing it for six (or was it eight?) years and this was the third of four days he would be doing it, so I was kind of lucky with my timing. He had himself hiked the Oregon section of the PCT with his brother , and told me to look forward to The Three Sisters Wilderness, Crater Lake, and the Timberline Lodge (known from “The Shining”). I’ll certainly do that! He had also hiked Kungsleden (I’m probably misspelling that) in Sweden, and next week he was going to hike in Norway with his brother. I had already eaten breakfast. Instead I had two and a half cups of coffee with half and half as well as a glass of cold orange juice, which was super nice. Despite drinking coffee regularly at home I hadn’t missed it until now where I had had a coin of days with too little sleep.

Talking with Chipmunk was also nice and overall a great start to the day. As for the trail it showed of more of the nice volcanic scenery that I had seen yesterday and was yet to grow tired of. After some time we dropped beneath the timberline and the going got less interesting and I wasn’t going as fast as yesterday. I met the hiker, Yoseki (or perhaps YoSeKi), that I had crossed two passes with some days earlier. That was nice and he was doing well. I had two lunch breaks and after the last one it felt like things kicked into gear again and I got some more miles in. The trail then again got above the timberline and a very strong wind picked up. I somewhat walked sideways to compensate for it, but it wasn’t really a hindrance nor dangerous. I was still going strong. I then took a short break and out of the blue all energy seemingly quickly dissipated from my body and I felt exceedingly tired. I had not tried something like that before and not anticipated something like it at all. I camped shortly afterwards, some miles short of my goal, and after relaxing a bit in my tent I felt a lot better. It bugged me a bit that I didn’t get further, as I wanted a short day tomorrow, but that’s just how it turned out, and, I mean, overall it wasn’t a bad day today. Further, this camp site was mostly out of the wind and I was fearing that wouldn’t be the case for the next one.


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