Day 93

First and foremost, I‘ll here apologize for not experiencing anything of particular interest today that you could’ve vicariously experienced through me. It was mostly chores and microwave dinners. On the positive side, though, I did get my resupply strategy down for the rest of the whole trip.

As for the aforementioned microwave dinners, I discovered a brand called “Devour”, and bought a couple of them. The “funny” thing here being that me and my friends joked that my super power was to devour large quantities of food.

As for the aforementioned resupply, I have up until now relied on just buying food when I get to town. That is either not possible, insanely expensive, or requiring long and difficult hitches for a few places in Oregon and Washington. I already sent a package to Crater Lake when I was in Chester. Today I resupplied for the next five days and sent three additional packages to either Oregon or Washington totaling seventeen additional days of food. It took quite some time to shop, package and send the packages. I had to to to bot the USPS and UPS as the place near the trail holding the packages accepted only one or the other. With my bounce box, the other resupply box, new shoes, and a new camera bag, that means that I have seven packages floating around or sitting somewhere waiting for me ahead on the trail. It hopefully also means that I don’t have to send myself any more packages except for things that break or get worn out. I think there will still be some chores waiting for me tomorrow by the time I go to bed today, but I am pretty sure I will get back to the trail tomorrow.

This days miles: 1719-1719 (a zero day)


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