Pictures taken in the spring of 2013 during a splendid four day visit. We had a turkish bath, wandered the streets, saw ancient buildings, and learned a lot about turkish culture.

Lamps in Grand Bazaar
Street food
Spices in Grand Bazaar
Old telephone boxes
A shop only selling plastic eyes
Strairwell in the Archeologic Museum
The Blue Mosque
Inside the Blue Mosque
Detail from the BLue Moseque
Sculpture of horse
Tokapi Palace
Snapping a photograph
Furniture in Tokapi Palace
Detail in Tokapi Palace
Arabic inscription in the palace
Ceiling decoration in Tokapi palace
Fortress wall
Basilica Cisterna
Medusa head in Basilica Cisterna
Pomegranate drink
Telephones on a three
Gagaloglu Hamami (turkish bath)
Inside Gagaloglu Hamami
Me with towels
Blue Mosque at night
Hagia Sophia
Inside Hagia Sophia
Mosaic in Hagia Sophia
Kiz Kulesi
Overview from Galata Tower
Departure dinner