Peptide Analyzer

Enter formula:
Charge: red = positive, blue = negative
General: pink = hydrophobic, purple = P or G
Alpha-helix: green = good, orange = bad
Beta-sheet: green = good
Net charge:
Hydropathy Plot:


The purpose of this application is to assist in designing and analyzing Antimicrobial Peptides, which are part of the innate immune system. The application shows information about charge, hydrophobicity, and gives some structure prediction. Try for instance "VRRFPWWWPFLRR" which is an antimicrobial peptide from porcine neutrophils called Tritrpticin, or "GSKKPVPIIYCNRRTGKCQRM" which a powerful antimicrobial peptide called Thanatin from the insect Podisus maculiventris (aka. spined soldier bug)