About Me

Picture of meI was born in 1986, and “Mads Engel Hauberg” was the name I was given by my parents. I was born in Aalborg in Denmark. As a youth I played guitar and was in a band. I liked traveling and hiking, and I still very much do, but back then I travelled through Europe with two of my college friends by InterRail.

I then took a three year bachelor’s degree in nanotechnology, but thought that wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life. Starting afresh, I moved to another Danish town called Aarhus to study medicine. I also travelled a bit more to Europe, China and USA. Four years into my medicine studies I casually stumbled upon a research position as a PhD in neurogenetics. That led to a lot of different research projects including a transatlantic collaboration and me living jointly nine months in the New York City.

I got back home and finished up my PhD after which I started doing my residency as a doctor in Viborg. Halfway through that I was granted a leave of absence to walk from Mexico to Canada. Yep, you read that correctly. I did the 4300 km hike from between the two borders along the so-called Pacific Crest Trail. As I’m writing this I’m back in Aarhus and once again working as a doctor.

10 things I want to do in my life

  • Visit Machu Picchu
  • Hike the Pacific Crest Trail (Done)
  • Dive at Great Barrier Reef
  • Write a novel
  • Learn to juggle with three balls (Done)
  • Climb Kilimanjaro
  • Get an article published in a peer-reviewed magazine (Done)
  • Complete this list…



  • Radiohead
  • Godspeed You! Black Emperor
  • Boards of Canada
  • Bon Iver
  • Pink Floyd
  • Tool
  • Autechre



Assorted links

Visual evolution of my homepage

This webpage has gone through a lot of design changes since the initial creation in 2003. To check out the various designs go to the visual evolution page.

Old Update history of my homepage

2nd of February 2014:
Time flies! A lot of things have changed since I last made an update: I’ve been on two wonderful trips to Istanbul and USA. Pictures of these can be found under “Photos”. I’ve also started as a PhD student at Department of Biomedicine, Aarhus University. The research project concerns the genetics of schizophrenia and which part molecules called microRNAs might play in the disease.

3rd of September 2013:
The summer was great: I was in Spain, Austria, and enjoyed fleeing moments of adequate danish weather. You can check out pictures from the trip to Spain in the photo section. My interest in programming was also rekindled as I created the two games “Netris” and “NetMines” in my spare time. The games can be found under the interactive section.

2nd of January 2011:
I’ve added pictures from my trip to China last summer to the site. It was an amazing trip and China turned out to be both very interesting and photogenic. The pictures can be found under the photo section. A single new guitar recording of Bach has also found its way to my side in case you are interested.

25th of October 2009:
I’ve recorded five guitar pieces and put them this page under “Music”. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did recording them. I’ll record some more songs when I get the time to play some more guitar.

29th of august 2009:
The summer of 2009 turned out to be a very nice one, for me at least. I’ve been in Italy, Germany and Scotland and done a lot of things. I wanted to show off some of the pictures I’ve taken, so I updated the image gallery with both old and new pictures. Click on the photos section to check them out.

29th of January 2009:
It has been a while since my last update, but here I am again. The widgets I’ve developed have been a huge success with well over 150 000 downloads, which was quite a bit more than anticipated. When released, the APOD widget reached the position as third most downloaded application from Apple’s home page. There has also been many things going on for me at a personal level: I have gotten a BSc. in nanotechnology but I decided that I would rather like to study medicine, which is what I am doing now. One last thing is that my previous host went bankrupt and simply dematerialized without a single warning. This is the reason that the page has been missing for some time, but now it is back again with a new host.

25th of August 2006:
I have added some more widgets in the previous weeks and there are now a total of six widgets. The most popular one will probably be the APOD Viewer which has been in development for over half a year. This update also brings a revised design correcting some flaws and brings new color scheme.

17th of July 2006:
This update brings a lot of new things: The page has, once again, got a completely new design, the page has moved and changed name to haubergs.com, widgets have been added and the applications are finally available for download again. The site is only 90% complete as some few things still need to be added from the last version, but I thought it was about time for an update.

4th of October 2005:
It has been over a year since the last update but now I am back. This update is a major one. I have changed the design, switched host (which is now my university). Additionally I have added new images, some dashboard widgets and other content. Furthermore the page has been down for about a month because it was removed from my previous host’s servers.

3rd of July 2004.
I’ve updated the design once more and added my coolest script to this date: the Hanoi tower puzzle (under the software section). Some pictures have now finally been added to the photos section. Furthermore I’ve added metatags to the pages, which is important for the search engines, but invisible for you.

11th of June 2004.
The host I used has been down for over a week, so I am moving my site again. This time It’s hosted by my high school. This means that the software and music still is missing, because I want permission to publish it first. Getting thrown out of school for one’s homepage would be stupid. Furthermore I’ve corrected a lot of coding errors in the html, so it is now valid xHTML 1.0. Valid HTML is the web publisher’s equivalent of correct spelling in case you didn’t know.

23rd of February 2004.
I haven’t published the song yet because i wasn’t allowed to have mp3’s nor software on the site, which is also the reason the page has been missing. But I’ll soon find another host.

15th of February 2004.
This release brings a total revamped interface, as you might have noticed. Furthermore I’ve finally added some real programs for Mac OS X

29th of October 2003.
The site has been down for some days, because the place I used to have it started to take money for their service. But now I’m back ;-).

12th of October 2003.
I am rewriting the page again. This time in CSS, but this isn’t complete yet. Also the design is changed (Don’t I get tired of designs pretty often?). Furthermore I added/changed some JavaScripts.

27th of August 2003.
This update brings more Java Scripts, and fixes the scripts that wouldn’t run on Windows.

30th of July 2003.
This is my third update. I’ve redone the design, realizing the old one was confusing. I’ve also added some content as you will find out.

1st of june 2003.
I’ve revised the site. I’ve added some JavaScript applets that I’ve written. You’ll find them under the software menu.

15th of april 2003.
First version.