These are some simple programs that I have written. Mac OS 10.4 is required except where otherwise noted. The applications are “universal” and run natively on intel macs. If you need the applications for an earlier operating system you can contact me. DEPRECATION: these applications are no longer maintained and might break or already be broken.

Triangle 0.4

iconTriangle is a triangle solver. If you know three attributes of a triangle (sides or angles) it finds the rest unless you specified three angles. It also draws and prints the found triangle(s). This version brings back support for Mac OS 10.3.9 and makes the application nearly foolproof. See a screenshot.

Dice 0.3

iconThis is a simple dice rolling utility. Just select how many sides your dice should have. This is nice if you need a 75148-sided dice and you haven’t got one! Before you ask: I’m not into RPG. See a screenshot.