Pacific Crest Trail

Whitewater Preserve and Mission Creek

Day 16

Turned out that I had pitched my tent way too near WC late last night and the door to the WC slammed shut every time someone exited. I got up late due to the exertions of the previous day. I was still very tired, but luckily that gradually went away before mid day. For once it had been a warm night, but the downside to that was my chocolate not resolidified. Squeezed a Snickers onto a tortilla, which was a nice compromise. The day quickly got warm, but the trail soon went up and followed a ridge line exposing us hikers to the chilling wind, which was nice. Next, the trail went into a canyon with a large river bed and a smaller creek flowing in it. The trail crossed the creek many times which was nice as one then needn’t carry much water. On the other hand the trail took a rather uneven course in the river bed and made for a somewhat difficult walk. A bit later I saw my second rattle snake. This one was lying dead still somewhat off trail. The temperatures remained nice the rest of the day, but to cool off slightly more i wet the sleeves of my shirt every time we passed the creek. There was a pleasant smell along most of the trail this day, but I couldn’t recognize it from before nor tell which plant it was coming from. One probably get more attentive to smells during long hikes. I had previously experienced snells resembling eucalyptus, cloves, and, ehm, weed (the aforementioned poodle dog bush and people smoking it, which is legal in California. I condone of neither the bushes nor the smoking 😉 ). Luckily, for some reason, one of the smells I haven’t experienced is my own body odor, which I guess is not exactly pleasant with all the sweating and up to five days between showers

I called it a day relatively early, having somewhat learned from previous mistakes about pushing too many miles especially without having a good camping site ahead to aim for, though I had hoped for 3 miles more today. The tenting spot was nicely shaded from the wind and close to water. I shared the site next to guy from Thailand who had quit his job at Apple to hike the PCT and subsequently tour Europe and Asia by car. We had crossed paths intermittently since Julian.

Coming out of Whitewater Reserve
Coming out of Whitewater Preserve
Non-rattling rattle snake
Non-rattling rattle snake
I don’t know what to make of this sign
I don’t know what to make of this sign

2 thoughts on “Whitewater Preserve and Mission Creek”

  1. Hej Mads

    Hvor er det spændende at følge med i din vandretur! Og fedt, at du er begyndt at skrive lidt længere opslag. Bliv endelig ved med det. Jeg må indrømme, at jeg bliver lidt misundelig, når jeg læser din beretning og ser de fine billeder.

    Og 200 miles. Godt gået!

    Du skal vide, at vi tænker meget på dig herhjemme i Danmark. Og i Åbenrågade krydser vi fingre for, at alt går som det skal.

    Du er sgu sej!

    Vh Jeppe

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