Pacific Crest Trail

Bear with me for taking a break in Big Bear Lake

Day 19

Today was a zero day in Big Bear Lake. Made pancakes for breakfast from powder provided by the hostel. Got on the scale as it was just standing there and looking at me in the communal area. I had been loosing a bit of weight up to the start of the trail, but had lost an additional five pounds during the trail so far. Took the bus to the nearby shopping center and for some reason was the only one on the bus aside from the driver. He immediately guessed I was a hiker. I bought food for the next stretch there. And later I got laundry done. The hostel had “loaner clothes” to wear while your regular clothes are getting washed dried, which is nice because due to the weight, few hikers carry spare clothes. I would have had to wear my rain clothes otherwise. Boring stuff today, but the machine has to be greased from time to time to keep it going.

Welcome to Big Bear
Welcome to Big Bear

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