Pacific Crest Trail

A zero in Cajon Pass

Day 23

To get something out of the hotel stay, I had decided to take a zero day here in Cajon Pass. It was all the usual stuff: planning and resupplying for the next couple of days, doing laundry. The laundromat unfortunately got jammed on my coins. A guy came to help, but couldn’t fix it and said that he’d be back. Cut to 40 minuets later and he wasn’t. The hotel apologized and got another guy to fix it. My resupplying was only for one day so I was able to just grab the things I needed from a “hiker box” at the hotel. Such are boxes located at places frequented buy hikers where hikers can leave stuff they don’t need for other hiker. That might be food that they’ve sent themselves but didn’t need any way or had grown tired off. Sometimes it is mostly useless stuff but other times one can get lucky if one isn’t picky.

Since right before Big Bear Lake, the trail has gone straight west, more or less, meaning that we’re not getting much closer to Canada by crow right now and that’ll continue to be the case for a total of 180 miles leaving us just north of Los Angeles. Remembering that I arrived by plane in Los Angeles and how quickly it was to get from there to the border and how long it is taking to walk the same distance really puts into perspective how efficient modern transportation is compared to walking. You can drive in hours what takes weeks to walk. It have a really long stretch ahead of me tomorrow which I will try not to think too much about and instead relax and enjoy the pooling area.

Pool area
Pool area

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