Pacific Crest Trail

A zero day in the small town of Chester

Day 76

I won’t bother you with the usual chores every zero day entails, but as something different, I sent myself a resupply package (e.g. food). It was all the way to a store near Crater Lake that accepts packages. There is no good places to buy food nearby so why not just ship it to yourself there? I will probably do the same thing for a couple of places in Washington if I make it that far, that is.

I have been carrying my new shoes, which are identical to my current ones, since Sierra City. The old ones could be used some more, but are now pretty worn out with the outer soles having lost much of its thread and the insoles having holes in them. After some consideration they went to the trash today. The main reason why I kept the old ones was that it now seems that the new pair that I have will probably be the last pair I will be able to get, as my obnoxious size (15 extra wide) is out of stock everywhere. That is a bummer as I will then have to transition to yet another type of shoe in six hundred miles or so.

Anyways, I had lunch at “The Pizza Factory” which was a popular hiker spot with approximately twelve through hikers there at the same time as me. It was yet another all you can eat (and drink) buffet. This time I had learned my lesson and didn’t overeat. The pizza was probably as to be expected when you only pay ten dollars. I hadn’t had pizza at all since once near the beginning (at the quirky “Mike’s Place”) so it was still okay. After lunch I got some more chores done and before I knew of it, the day was gone.

This days miles: 1331-1331 (a zero day)

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