Pacific Crest Trail

Shelter Cove

Day 100

I had a hard time convincing myself to get out of my sleeping bag, as it was so nicely warm while it was again quite a cold morning. Also, for some reason I didn’t really feel like hiking today. One positive thing right out of the bat, was that the smoke was completely gone.

The first part of the trail was somewhat mundane pine forest. I met Icebear an hour or so into hiking going south as she had forgotten a charging cable at the water cache. Around my first lunch break, the nature changed for the better with nice views and a type of pines that I had not really seen or at least not paid attention to. They were very narrow and had very small needles. I had my proper lunch break next to a stream with equally nice views. It had warmed up to a nice temperature with a slight breeze and the sound of the water flowing in the background. That put me in a good mood. In general, being able to have lunch at a nice place is a big plus for me, but for the last couple of days it has just been the nearest log in the forest.

I took a detour to a place called Shelter Cove, where I had a resupply package waiting for me. Met Icebear and Red leaving the place. They are outhiking me, which is a shame because they were funny to hang around. At Shelter Coce, I surprisingly met Yoseki, who was doing fine. I thought He was behind me, but he must have put in some serious miles. I also met Naturalist and Dragon. We talked a bit over dinner together with a german guy called Irish (yes that is slightly confusing). I had a massive pizza, of which I doggy bagged a couple of slices in freezer bags (some will insist that “Hawaiian” isn’t actually a pizza). I also had a shower but didn’t get laundry done. The camp site for PCT hikers, which I regretfully paid for was a mess between downed trees. I should’ve hiked back to the trail and camped there, but whatever. Today was still a pretty neat day.

This days miles: 1880-1907

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