Pacific Crest Trail

Walk, walk, walk, and walk

Day 107

Another late start, but on the plus side the store next to the lake was open and had hot coffee, which went excellent with my pop tarts. It had been a quite warm night and the day quickly got very warm. Luckily, however, most of the day the trail was shaded by trees, and in fact was probably as soft and even as it had ever been. I did still sweat profusely and I don’t think my shirt has ever been as salty as it is right now even though we are only two and a half days away from the last town visit.

Well. Walking for weeks at an end leaves a lot of time make your mind wander. Some time mine ponders the big questions of life like “when am I going to have the next ice cream” or “what is the meaning with life. Regarding the latter question, I think I have come to the conclusion that there is no greater truth to be found. I think it is all just about doing what makes you happy and what makes sense to you whatever that might be. Well, hopefully being respectful, friendly, and helpful towards others. Regarding the former question, it will likely be in three days. I am counting.

The miles went by relatively quickly and uneventfully. When I got to the first camp site after a ten mile dry stretch I surprisingly found Pops and Noname there. They minded their own things as they usually would do. I went fo a swim in a large nearby lake called Timothy Lake. It was very nice for washing out all of the smell and stickiness. It was right after sunset and the golden sky reflected in the water creating a colorful pattern with the small waves in the water. There was a local hobbyist fisher in an inflatable boat nearby and one in the distant. Small flies flew hovered over the water but didn’t bother me. The water and the surroundings were unexpectedly beautiful and made for a great swim and end of the day. I had some cold mashed potatoes for dinner and chocolate bars for desert. It was dark. I went to bed. I don’t remember doing much else than just walking. This day just went by in a blink of an eye.

This days miles: 2046-76

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