Pacific Crest Trail

A Zero Day in Cascade Locks

Day 111

You probably already know most of the ingredients of a zero day. This one wasn’t much different. After breakfast and calling home, I unpacked the stuff I had ordered from Amazon and gotten yesterday. It was new socks, an emergency blanket, new trash compactor bags, which are especially thick plastic bags that I use for waterproofing, and some quite weirdly looking and large gloves that are supposed to be waterproof and breathable and keep me from being miserable in the cold rain of Washington.

Afterwards, I went to get my bounce box from the post office. I put things that I didn’t need in a hiker box or simply opted to carry it for the rest of the trip. I thought the hassle and price of sending another package home overseas wasn’t warranted. In other words, no more bounce box from her on out. One thing I got from the bounce box was a large special canvas bag to put around my plastic food bag as rodents, which there supposedly are many of in Washington, cannot chew through the former.

I did my laundry at a nearby RV park, wrote some missing diary entries where I only had keywords, and sorted through my photos from the last section. I also looked into great detail about an upcoming fire detour and got a paper map printed of the detour. The day was over much to soon, as most of the zero days. No rest for the wicked.

Well, since I didn’t have that much to say, let’s do some math. There’s approximately five hundred miles left. At twenty five miles a day (which might be slightly optimistic in Washington), add two zero day or so and that equals a guesstimate of twenty two days to Canada.

This days miles: 2147-2147 (a zero day)


[Two posts were intentionally published today]

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