Pacific Crest Trail

A zero day in Snoqualmie Pass

Day 122

Today had all the elements of a classic resupply day: resupplying, laundry, phoning home, adding missing diary content, reviewing photos, et cetera et cetera.

Went to the nearby grocery store which is actually just an euphemism for a convenience store for resupply. I bought a twenty one inch family sized pizza and took it back to the hotel. It stretched for both lunch and dinner, though I also bought some ice cream as I was getting tired of the pizza.

I also had a closer look at two upcoming fire detours, one of them being the one blocking the northern monument, and the other one being one just south of the town of Stehekin it seems like that jigsaw is slowly starting to fall into place. There’s a slight chance that rain will improve the situation, but I doubt it. It won’t be many days before I get there.

Since we’re so far into the trail, I thought I’d look back and see what gear has broken/worn out during the first 2400 miles, which admittedly is a lot to expect of your equipment:

⁃ I’m on my fourth pair of shoes, which works out to approximately 700 miles a pair. That is pushing it and 500 would be better

⁃ I’ve worn holes in three pairs of Darn Tough socks, which are supposedly darn tough

⁃ One pair of trekking pole tips broken

⁃ Zippers in camera bag broken, so I bought new.

⁃ Backpack holding up but gets weird smell when damp/wet. Had to modify hip belt due to weight loss. Osprey only make one size of hip belts but they are widely adjustable, just not widely enough.

⁃ Zipper in tent halfway broken. Safety pens aid in keeping it closed. Further, five out of ten tent stakes have lost their tips. I’ve been in contact with Zpacks and they will probably fix it once I’m done. They say the dust takes it toll on the zippers.

⁃ My odor proof “Lopsak” has been changed preemptively three times, but not really broken. Update: I ripped the closing mechanism on one as I was pulling too hard on it to get it out of my ursak minor. My fault.

This days miles: 2393-2993 (a zero day)

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