Konnichiwa Gozaimasu

Japan day 1

Barely had I left the airport before I was there only foreigner and surrounded by signs and messages written in characters that I couldn’t even read. I had stepped onto Japanese soil here in Tokyo. Or soil is probably not the right thing to say as everything is kept so meticulously clean.  

This eighteen day trip is quite a different endeavor from my time on the Pacific Crest Trail. For one, I went from pooping in holes I dug myself in the ground to the most advanced toilets in the world. It is also not as epic an endeavor, but since I’m already keeping a diary for my own sake, I’d figure I might as well share it with you. 

First thing I visited was the Meiji Jingu temple , which was large, but you didn’t get to sense the spirituality of the place since much of it was closed and there were many tourists. 

Nearby were quite a few sake casks made as offerings as well as for some reason a bunch of fine french wine casks (with or without wine, I don’t recall). 

Next I went for some food, at a place selling dumplings. No English was spoken, but at least there were pictures to point at. Had a cucumber salad with miso along with the dumplings, which was quite nice. 

At two separate occasions I saw a pink busses that loudly played highly repetitive, sugary pop. The driver behind the wheel in the last one looked like he really hated his life. I think it might just be a truck driving around town as an advertisement. 

It was quickly getting late, but made it to the Mori Art Center, which had somewhat mediocre exhibition of modern art, and for some reason the ticket was also valid to a decent exhibition by pixar explaining the tremendous thought and detail that goes into their movies. There was also a good view of the expansive city as the museum was at the top of a skyscraper. It seemed to stretch all the way to the horizon. 

I didn’t get to see that much today, but there are certainly a bunch of other stuff that I’m looking forward to on this journey. 

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