Morning prayers and Hiroshima mon Amour

Japan day 5

Slept reasonably well on the futon on the floor, though it was a bit hard and the pillow seemed to have been filled with chickpeas instead of feathers. Honestly, I’d have slept better on my neoair that I carried on the Pacific Crest Trail.

As the first thing today, we got to watch the morning prayers at the temple. The monk chanted sutras and made sounds by hammering on bowls and using cymbals. 

After a nice breakfast I was soon on my way to Hiroshima.  I grabbed a “Pocari Sweat” from a vending machine. Hope it wasn’t made of sweat but simply a poor translation for a electrolyte replacement drink. Ha, ha. 

Changed trains at a small station, but the train I got on then just stayed at the station. I assumed it was just late, but then an hour went by, and the time point where the next train was supposed to leave went by. As the other people just stayed put, I assumed that was the way to go. After two hours the fact that it was a car collision that was to blame made it to us non-Japanese speakers, but there was no word as to when it would be back up running. Eventually, three hours later we were back on track. 

Arriving late in Hiroshima I still found time to stroll through the peace memorial park commemorating the bombing. There was also the ruins of building called the atomic dome and kept like that as a reminder. 

I should probably have made some reference to the film I put the title, but it didn’t really fit in and know I’m too lazy to find a new title. 

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