Pacific Crest Trail

A longer haul

Day 3.

Last night we I camped along with a bunch of other hikers at a campground. Unfortunately a couple of nearby regular campers were having loud discussions until very late at night, but I still woke up at 5:30 am and was out hiking half an hour later, without feeling too tired. Got much good walking done in the early hours and before I realized it I had made it to Mount Laguna, which I had thought would be the end destination of the day. Problem is it was only 11 am, so instead of camping the I just kept on walking. The views were nice and there was a dramatic change from green with scattered flowers to more desert like. The place I had thought about camping was however very windy, the next one as well and the third campsite was very close to a highway with no one else there and I was not completely sure if I were allowed to camp there. Fourth camp site turned out to be very windy as well, but I had walked 12 miles more than I had intended, so

it had to make do. I pitched my tent (a hexamid solo plus) between some bushes in the hope of avoiding the wind. In part due to the limited space and in part due to the limited space, this ended up being the worst pitch ever. Hope the wind dies down as I otherwise probably won’t get that much sleep. Alas, I didn’t bring some chocolate to cheer myself up with, but instead had some “The King of Denmark” traditional sweets that I had intended as a gift, but had forgotten about. Things will probably look better tomorrow. At least I got a lot of miles in.

Better not go looking for a camp spot here.

More nature. Yay!

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