Pacific Crest Trail

Rural Lake Morena and more desert hiking

Day two: didn’t find anything to put here as as a subtitle.

I was a bit nervous about the first day of sleeping in the nature. Heard a lot of animals right outside my tent throughout the night, but luckily no one came for my food, luckily. Woke up early due to the very much still in effect jet lag, but on the plus side I got hiking in the nice morning weather. Soon i met a fellow hiker who I’d talked with yesterday and we made it to the small rural city of Lake Morena, where I had a nice shower and went to resupply (e.g. shopping for food). Met a guy who said he hated when the tv was on because the news were all lies. Instead he relied on AM radio. There was also a guy driving to the malt shop with a golden retriever in his golf cart. Hiking the rest of the day was also nice with varying vegetation and scenery. In part of the trip the bushes surrounding the trail were so high that you couldn’t see anything else as if you were walking in a very large labyrinth. Finding the right way was easy, though.

Dear mister Dog, can you give me a ride back to the trail?

Haven’t thought of a title for this one.

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