Pacific Crest Trail

Desolation in the desert

Day 9

Had pancakes for breakfast at “Mike’s” and set out hiking around seven. While there were frost crystals on the RV home in the early morning, the weather had turned around and there were no sky to be seen. I had my lunch in a shaded area near a creek, which was nice. I should like to add that for some reason lunch breaks have always been one of my favorite things to have while hiking. Hiked a bit further to reach today’s destination. It was only approximately one pm and rather hot, so I sat nearly two hours in the shade of my umbrella waiting for everything to cool down. That umbrella has already proved worthwhile to carry. It was a weird spot, though, I was a bit away from the trail and didn’t really see other hikers go by. The camping spot extended way beyond into what seemed like infinity. This along with the silence and hostility of the high temperatures made for an eiery and desolate setting.

A lot of the hikers I had been spending time with were pushing on ahead of me, which kinda sucked, but I had promised myself to take it slow the first couple of days, and further, I had to time my arrival in Idyllwild with the post office opening hours. Finally, one must always be thoughtful about timing ones arrival to the Sierras with enough time being given for the snow to melt. I ‘ll probably bump into other nice hikers.

The desert

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