Pacific Crest Trail

San Jacinto

Day 14

Got up early, headed to the loo, and at the exact moment I flushed, the whole house started shaking. First I thought, what the heck is going on, but then realized that there was a small earthquake. Hiked out of Idyllwild and headed for San Jacinto Peak (10834 feet=3300m) which is an alternative to the stock PCT which circumnavigates it. I think that is the highest mountain I’ve ever summited. The views were amazing, and I had my lunch there. Wasn’t that hard nor treacherous, it just took a lot of time there. Walked a couple of more miles with quite a bit of elevation gain and loss. Slept by a lot of other hikers.

Panorama from the San Jacinto summit.
Me at the San Jacinto summit.

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