Pacific Crest Trail

A zero day

Day 13

In hiker terminology, a zero is a day where you don’t do any trail miles. Instead you relax, buy food for the next stretch e.g. “resupplying”. I had bought slightly too little food for the last stretch, as previously stated, possibly because I am eating more food now. In hiking terms you get what is called “Hiker hunger” loosely defined as almost insatiable food cravings due to large energy expenditure associated with long distance hiking. So I bought much more food this time. I ‘d guess 12 pounds for five days. Hope I’ve not overdone it. I‘ve already lost a bit of weight and had to modify my backpack slightly so that the hip belt would tighten more than usually would be possible. I also sent some stuff that I wasn’t using ahead of me in what is called a bounce box (possibly more on that later). I had written my name on all sites on the package so that it would be easily recognizable. At the post office a guy walked up to me and asked if I happened to be from Denmark. Turns out that he was an expatriate, who had moved from Silkeborg in Denmark to the US, and was now living in the small town of Idyllwild. He liked it in Idyllwild but was also keen on reminiscing on all things Denmark. I kind of know that feeling from my own time as an expat. He asked if there was anything that he could help with and gave his number.

Since there aren’t much in terms of new trail stuff today I included a few pictures of my tent. It only ~20 oz=600 g and set up using one of my trekking poles.

Clumsy resupply selfie with dSLR. I’ve decided that’s a thing. Did I overcompensate for the scarcity of food during last resupply? Time will tell.
My tent
My tent inside

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