Pacific Crest Trail

Hiker Heaven

Day 29

In case you missed last days post you might think that “Hiker Heaven” is where hikers who fall of cliffs or get mauled by bears go and not the colloquial name of a backyard belonging to a married couple outside rural Agua Dulce who lets hikers camp there. The amenities include port-a-potties, showers (warm ones if you are patient), wifi, the possibility to recharge your electrical devices and yourself. Today I am taking a zero here. They have a dozen or so chickens and a handful of dogs roaming the premises due to the former one should always remember to keep ones tent zipped so they don’t enter looking for food and also, they crow a lot and do tend to poop everywhere. It feels slightly like camping in a chicken pen. I regret not pushing on today instead but I was slightly too late with my laundry and not planning further ahead, but that’s just how it is. I often feel kind of restless when taking a zero and thus not doing miles. Thanks, though, to the Saufley’s hosting us and their helpers. It is really a lot of effort with so many of us.

In tents
In tents

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