Pacific Crest Trail

A zero in Kennedy Meadows

Day 44

If you have been reading the blog you probably already know most of the deal of a zero day: Laundry, resupply, showering etc. Today was mostly about that, though it took quite a bit of effort. I had ordered some stuff from REI, and on the shipping label, my name was basically cut off, so it was difficult and we (e.g. me and one of the employees at the general store) very nearly couldn’t find the my package. That would have been a bummer.

For resupply I had the option of buying at the general store or going to the Triple Crown Outfitters, which was located four miles away but a nearby shuttle to and from the general store and a bar/restaurant called “Grumpy Bear” at somewhat random intervals. After waiting for about an hour the shuttle arrived and brought me abd a bunch of other hikers hither. I went to the outfitter from there at did resupply. It was owned by the woman who wrote my guidebook to the trail “Yogis Pacific Crest Trail Handbook” and ger husband. They had gear as well as food. It really looked like they had their stuff together and the prices were extremely reasonable. Allegedly she was tired of being charged overprices while hiking a d wanted to right that for other hikers. It was her who wasat the counter wheoI checked out and she stuffed all my food in the bear canister I just bought like a pro (it’s always a struggle to make things fit well in those). Cool! I thanked her for her nice handbook and went over to Grumpy Bear again where I had a beer and a short time with decent internet, which meant that I could phone home. The had been no cellular service for the last three days and the next stretch would likely be no different, so that was nice. The general store‘s burger was better, though. After rushing to get the remainder of the chores done I had a Couple of beers with my fellow hikers.

New gear:

⁃ Bear canister

⁃ Micro spikes (cramp-ons go light)

⁃ Bug net

⁃ Insect spray (Deet)

⁃ Extra leggings

⁃ New Sawyer Squeeze

Gear sent forward/ditched:

⁃ umbrella

⁃ One water bladder

Looking forward to getting back to the trail tomorrow.

Kennedy Meadows
Kennedy Meadows

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