Pacific Crest Trail

Entering the Sierras

Day 45

Last night when I got back to my tent, one of my shoes from the first pair were missing. They had been sitting outside the tent, and it seemed nowhere to be found in the dark. On the other hand I found another shoe under a nearby tree that had been chewed up by some domestic or feral animal. Hmm. I therefore postponed getting up to next day in order have the morning light to search for it though I had little hope of finding it. However, this morning it stood all the way over by the general store. Probably someone’s dog had borrowed it and the owner then put it there. I am definitely not leaving my shoes outside again.

I packed my pack with the new gear and all the food, and boy was it heavy. Getting back to the trail was nice, however, and after a while I didn’t notice it as much. It was both exciting and a bit intimidating to start off into the Sierras.

The trail started along a meadow and then slowly took off climbing slowly but steadily. I had lunch along with some other hikers by a bridge where dozens of swallows had built their nests on the underside. It was cool and relaxed.

I camped after just 20 miles, in order to start off gently. It was very laborious to make all of the food and scented items fit in the bear canister, but I managed and afterwards carried approximately 70 meters away so it could stay there for the night and not send bears in my direction. Hopefully it will be there tomorrow and hopefully I will also be able to find it!

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