Vermilion gates and stone foxes

Japan day 9

After grabbing breakfast and a train I soon stood in front of a seemingly infinite stretch of red torii-gates. This was Fushimi-Inari, a Shinto shrine, and probably Kyoto’s best known landmark. 

It was on the foot of a small mountain, so of course I wanted to get to the top of it.  The forecast said 38 degrees Celsius and that it felt like 45 due to the humidity, so I was soon drenched in sweat. 

It wasn’t all torii gates, as there were dozens of shrines many of which were adorned with foxes, the god of cereals. It even beats Kellogg’s corn flakes. Just kidding. Foxes aren’t a cereal and it’s of course cereal as in barley and wheat. 

The views weren’t great from the top but at least there were some places along the way where you could have some solitude from the crowds of other tourists. 

Next, I went to the Nishiki Market, which was a food market selling mostly snacks to the tourists and fish to the locals. 

As the heat was getting to me I did a pitstop back at the hostel before visiting Kyoto National Museum in the evening, which had a nice collection of Buddhistic statues amongst other things. 

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