Oh deer!

Japan day 10

A tram and a train brought me the twenty-ish miles to Nara, and a bit of walking brought me the remainder of the way to the central park, Nara-koen. 

Said park was home to innumerable docile deer that that hung out near the small booths selling special crackers for tourists to buy and hand them. 

The deer were mostly cute, but also pooped a lot, and let me just say that I was glad I weren’t wearing sandals. 

I paid the Todai-ji temple a visit. It is the largest wooden structure in the world and home to a sixteen meter high bronze Buddha statue. 

After that a stroll in the expansive park park brought me by a couple of additional temples and many more deer.

Lastly, I visited Nara National Museum which had a decent collection of Buddhistic statues (e.g. x-headed, y-armed and 2-legged deities), reliquaries, et cetera. 

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