Tokyo, revisited

Japan day 17

I paid the “Tokyo Photography museum” a visit, which had a decent collection of old and new photos by some of the big names. There was also a large special exhibition on birds, which I found somewhat less interesting as that’s not really my thing. 

Next I visited a nearby cat café, with over a dozen cats lounging about in a quite small room. they were pretty cute, though only one of them seemed to be in the mood to be petted. I guess that’s what you get when you have so many people giving them attention.

Lastly, I visited the “National Museum of Western Art “, which had a surprisingly broad collection of just that spanning the last five centuries or so. The collection was started by a shipbuilding businessman, who allegedly in part used his European art shopping sprees to conceal his successful industrial espionage into submarines. 

Wanting to check in for my flight back home, only the last leg of my journey appeared. I considered just showing up in the airport the next day to figure it out but luckily I didn’t. The first flight was canceled due to a typhoon in Shanghai and just before midnight customer support found a direct flight to Denmark. Neat! Other than that the return flight the next day was uneventful. 

I really liked the Japanese culture, their civility, the cleanliness of the country and the food. At the same time I also was looking forward to eventually getting back to friends and family. I’ll probably soon be wishing I was traveling again. Let’s see what the future brings. 

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