Pacific Crest Trail

Under the skies at a ridge line

Day 11

Forgot to set my alarm, so I slept in a bit. Luckily it was a short day with only 10 miles. Turned out to be a very warm day right out of the bat. Walked part of the day along a ridge line with quite a bit of elevation gain and loss. Waited out the midday heat at a ridge line under my umbrella with my feet under a white garbage bag while listening to music and trying to read Hobbe’s Leviathan. Some relatively large black lizards were fighting each other and therefore didn’t mind me, but at some point directly ran towards me, or particularly my crotch where they then stopped to fight. For a few milliseconds before I got up the was a lizard fight in my crotch luckily the lizards didn’t bother me as I slept under the skies.

Burned trees

Cowboy camping

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